Media Conversions

LP’s and Audio tapes to CD’s / VHS tapes and Camcorder tapes to DVD’s.
Media is supplied in slim see through casing, images printed on media.
Backup sets are supplied in MPEG(movie) and MP3(audio) formats.
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  • R 150 per unit (1 to 3 units)
  • R 125 per unit (4 to 14 units)
  • R 100 per unit (15 and more units)

[ Cheaper options are available, if only wanting MP3/MPEG formats ]

Extra Conversion Services:

  • DVD Clips to MPEG Files
  • 35mm slides to JPG Images
  • Photos to JPG images or DVD Slideshow

Labour Rates

R 580 per hour – Call Out
R 580 per hour – Remote login

Service Contracts

They are available on request, and will be adapted to each client’s specified needs.

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